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Ferrari: Why You Should Ship


Own a Ferrari? If the answer is "yes" then you should obviously ship it. Retirement could soon be around the corner and snowbird season can have you finally ready to flap your wings and fly. How are you going to transport all of your belongings to the great state of Florida in a two-seater? The answer is easy: Ship it. Don't Drive Your Ferrari Across Country Shipping is the best option for any high-end vehicle. Although it would be a cool idea ...
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2020 Corvette: What We’re Looking Forward To

2020 corvette

The 2020 Corvette is a fantastic new upgrade to Chevy's line of supercars. The newest introduction just skimming hitting the starting line for car enthusiasts. We're taking a look at what this car can put out. The 2020 Corvette Brings out The Battleship in it The Corvette is named after the small maneuverable battleship first introduced by France to describe the warships. Well, since the Corvette introduction, it can probably put out more power than the o ...
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BMW M5: Shipping Your Exotic Car


The BMW M5 is one of the most requested cars to ship when moving. Many owners take pride in their cars, as they should, and they want to make sure it is safe when shipping to a new location. BMW M5: Precision Engineering BMW is one of the front runners for fine-tuned engineering. It's so precise that, upon its unveiling back in 1984, it was the fastest sedan in the world. This car maintains high-performance with luxury. ...
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Yoga = A Truckers Best Friend

yoga truckers

Driving across the country provides a laundry list of challenges. One of the most frequent challenges that a trucker deals with is the lack of exercise while on the road. Yoga has become a hot new trend for truckers. It provides the dexterity that many lose when they start this type of work. Trucking health concerns can be easily managed by utilizing these methods. It isn't especially difficult to learn and any trucker can manage their time to fit it into their schedule. By using the most basic fundamentals, you wil ...
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Autonomous Trucking Arrives in Texas

autonomous trucking

Talk of autonomous trucks transforming the trucking industry has been going on for seemingly ever. Nevertheless, it’s definitely picked up even more steam lately, though were not seeing them out on the road. That could soon change. Kodiak Robotics recently announced that it launched a Dallas, TX office to oversee an entire trucking route. First of all, Texas is a state that offers more open r ...
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Truck Drivers, Keep Your Cool

Summer is in full swing and so is the temperature. These months are often unbearable for truck drivers who spend most of the time on the road. Unfortunately, truckers do not have the luxury of central air or hanging by the beach all day. The long hauls are met with time constraints and extreme weather conditions. As the temperatures soar, so does the frustration of many drivers who spend their days inside of a truck. So, we’ve put together an ...
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Truckers Embrace Digital Technology

truckers digital technology

Just like it does with everything nowadays, digitization and AI are making life easier for trucking. And this is definitely a good thing. Trucking, logistics, and supply chain operators are now employing digital tools that simplify repetitive office tasks. They are utilizing them in the cabs of long haul trucks. In fact, Hub Group which governs a fleet of over 4,000 trucks, just last month revealed a set of artificial-intelligence centered capabilities. These new tools will help ensure more accurate delivery time ...
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