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Connected Car Features to Erase Many Current Pain Points

Connected Car

Innovation With Regard to Passenger Cars but some Aspects Remain Unchanged On the brink of innovation, the automotive sector and manufacturers are looking to provide customers with cars that can enhance their driving experience with a connected car. There has been tremendous evolution over the years with regard to passenger cars. This is in regard to the digitization of instruments and dials, such as the speedometer, and implementation of GPS, which make it simpler to find routes. But overall the dashboard ...
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HUMMER Electric Slides Into A Crab Walk: What’s Still True?


GMC has given us a teaser of it's electric Hummer rotating both pairs of wheels a full forty-five degrees. This demonstrates a new feature for four-wheel steering, which they branded as crab-walk. The GMC Electric Hummer, is said to be initially available in fall of 2021. It comes highly-anticipated with multiple features that are sure to kick Tesla's Cyber Truck to the curb. 11,500 pounds heavy, an open air infinity roof, and the speed to carry this level of metal to 60 mph in three seconds. What's more, it has 1,00 ...
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Making a Road Trip From The East Coast to Austin

road trip

Driving to Austin, Texas, and want to make a road trip out of it? There are some routes that can make the drive from the East Coast to Austin memorable. Waking up early for this drive might be best, especially if you want to see the outdoors in Virginia. If you're coming from NYC, for instance, the recommended route is Interstate 95 south. Heading to DC, you can see some spectacular views of the city. Eventually ...
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Hot Cars Are Still A Major Health Concern

hot cars

Hot cars are still leading to a number of deaths from both children and pets. The temperature inside the vehicle can reach levels that can potentially harmful to that inside. Every year, the threat to animals and children who are left in the car for too long is high. Drivers will often leave their pet in their cars for an extensive period of time. A large portion of these cases involve the windows up and no A/C. ...
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The DeLorean Derailed: What Happened to Doc Brown’s Car?

the delorean

The DeLorean is practically a household name these days. You'd be hard-pressed to find somebody who hasn't heard of or wouldn't at least recognize a picture of the innovative model. The Back to the Future franchise made it famous. But what's its off-screen history? Behind the Scenes John DeLorean, formerly the youngest division head of General Motors, had big dreams. in 1973 he left the company to establish his own business. He named it the DeLorean Motor ...
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Lamborghini Huracan: 188K And Up For Sale

Lamborghini Huracan

A super car rental has been put up a 2015 Lamborghini Huracan for sale. Now, while many would be quick to jump on a vehicle like that, a further inspection will reveal something. What makes this vehicle stand out among all other cars isn't that it can pull a 0-60 in 2.4 seconds, or that it can finish a quarter-mile in 10.4 seconds - those are feats in and of itself. The surprising factor comes from the car's mileage. At 188,000 miles, this is t ...
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Google Meet Is Now Free For Everyone

google meet

Google Meet is the newest video program from the company. Where social distancing practices have left many utilizing some form of video chatting software, Google has decided that it will provide its services for free until September 30th. Why Is Google Meet Different? Google Meet is just a renaming of Google Hangouts which, aside from Skype, is the oldest video chatting software. Over the years, the company has changed the name due to maintaining a "fres ...
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Van Lifers Told To “Go Home”

Van lifers have been the target for many law enforcement across both Europe and America. For many, they have been stuck in areas that are greatly affected by COVID-19. Thus, maintaining life on the road has presented itself to be difficult. On top of that, many who have been confronted by law enforcement are told to "go home" not realizing that "home" is literally the van they are living in. Van Lifers Do Their Part For many, the thought of leaving over ...
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Shipping Your Car During Coronavirus


The US is facing a heavy self-isolation moment during the Coronavirus outbreak. While many are staying home and not traveling, many more are still trying to go about their daily lives. COVID-19 has put a halter on many who had the plan to move due to corporate relocation. Whatever the case may be, you have a pretty large life change that has been interrupted by current events. Moving the family has now taken an extra step. There is no need to worry, though, we are still here to ship your vehicle. Steps For ...
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Tesla Roadster: What To Expect

tesla roadster

Tesla is on the fast track to electric success. The Tesla Roadster is a testament to that. 0-60 in 1.9 seconds is not a small feat. From the beginning of the electric revolution, many were wondering when an all-electric car could race against powerful V8 engines. Well, here it is. With a range of 200 miles and the notoriety of being the first car/satellite in space, this powerhouse is here to stay. Tesla Roadster: Competition Other high-end sports car br ...
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