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Vanessa Guillén Found and Texans Meet to Talk Change

vanessa guillén

Following the recovery of the body of Vanessa Guillén, Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia met with leaders to discuss a need for change. Authorities found Guillén's body just a week ago. She had been mutilated, burned, and buried in three separate holes. She reported facing sexual harassment prior to her disappearance. Guillén disappeared two months ago. Officials point to fellow soldier Aaron David Robinson as the suspect. Robinson admitted to his girlfriend, Cecily Aguilar, that he killed a female soldier. He confesse ...
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Stay At Home Extended For Austin

stay at home

While many cities are starting their slow-reopen process, Austin is extending its stay-at-home policy. The plan was to have the area back to business by June 15th. The ruling was decided due to a sharp increase in COVID-19 cases. With the US still facing increasing cases of COVID-19, many are continuing to play it safe. The state of Texas has been having difficulty with new spikes in cases. On Wednesday, the state reported 2,504 new cases with 33 new deaths. ...
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Macy’s Reopening Multiple Austin Locations


Macy's, one of America's most widely known mall chains, are deciding to open their doors. Stay-in-place has put quite a bit of doubt as to the issue of COVID-19. On one side, people should continue to distance themselves and stay at home, on the other, businesses need customers in order to survive. With some believing the death toll is worth their stores being open, and others believing that will further spread the virus, America has to wait. Macy's Opens With Hesitations ...
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Drug Deal Ends in Shooting

drug deal

AUSTIN, CO – A drug deal in North Austin resulted in a shooting. The shooting occurred Tuesday morning at an apartment complex parking lot. A man was shot twice during the drug deal which took place along Interstate 35, as stated by Austin police. Apart from this, police say the man was discovered at the Woodland Heights Apartments, a little after 4 a.m. It should be noted that the apartment complex is near East Powell Lane, alongside the southbound lanes of Interstate 35. ...
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