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Customer reviews

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are important to any business. They allow customers to express their opinions on the services they have been provided, and potential clients to see if the company is reliable judging by what its customers have to say. It is also good for companies to read what their past customers think about their work. It is an opportunity to see what they can improve and what needs to be changed to make more clients satisfied with the services.

When you are looking for Austin Auto Transport, read customer reviews before choosing a car shipping company. It will give you a better idea of what to expect and help you make a right choice.

Austin Car Transport Customer Reviews

At Austin Car Transport we love getting feedback from our customers. We read all of the reviews we get and always answer if there are any issues.

Here you can see some of our reviews:


Daniel K.

Shipping with Austin Car Transport was a good experience. That was the first time I ever shipped my car, and reading all those scary stories about auto transport all over the internet, I was really nervous. Luckily, everything went smooth. My car was picked up and delivered in the time frame I was promised, no damage. Good work.


Anna D.

I drive a classic Mustang and I love this car very much. When the time came to move from Austin, I knew I needed auto transport services – I wouldn’t drive all the way to California. So I booked enclosed auto shipping with Austin Car Transport. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to this company for taking care of my car. Everything went great! Perfect auto shipping services.


James O.

I needed help with moving my car from a dealership. Austin Car Transport gave me a good price, so I decided to ship with them. They delivered on time but the car was a bit dirty, but they had told me it was possible with open car shipping that I used. Everything else was fine! I would recommend this company to anyone who needs to move a car.

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