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A Travis County Woman Robbed

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TRAVIS COUNTY, Texas — A woman walking through a Wells Branch area apartment complex was sexually assaulted, stabbed and robbed by a man early Saturday morning. This happened near Austin, sparking fears that the city has criminals afoot!

The Travis County Sheriff’s Office says the attack happened at 14100 Thermal Dr., just south of Wells Branch Parkway, at 4:30 a.m.

Officials say the suspect, described by TCSO as a black man around 30 years old with a light complexion, asked the woman for money then pulled her into a secluded area where the incident happened.

He stole her cell phone and then ran from the area. Deputies say the woman is currently in the hospital in good condition and will make a full recovery.

Who Robbed This Woman?

The suspect is believed to be 5-foot-6, medium build with straight hair and a goatee. The clothes he was wearing last were a white shirt, blue jeans, and brown jacket. In her statement, the woman told investigators he smelled of alcohol, implying that his judgment was not at its best.

A previous person of interest in the attack has been ruled out as a suspect, TCSO said. The sheriff’s office is warning the public that the suspect is not in custody yet. The woman who was robbed is recovering.

The trauma from the incident is more than just the fact that the woman was robbed. Finding her attacker can help bring some closure to the incident, and also will maybe help get her items back. Not only will the bring the woman some solace, but it will also help create a safer community by removing them from the streets.

If you have any information about the suspect or the attack, you are asked to call at 512-854-1444. Or contact the Travis County Police station.

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