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Alcohol to Go From Restaurants Gets Closer to be Permanent in Texas

You are currently viewing Alcohol to Go From Restaurants Gets Closer to be Permanent in Texas
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Alcohol to go as a sale beyond the Corona Virus pandemic would be possibly allowed by restaurants when the Texas House gave initial approval on Wednesday for the legislation.

Alcohol to Go – House Bill 1024

For House Bill 1024, the chamber signed off. It would permanently allow beer, wine, and mixed drinks to be including in pickup and delivery food orders. Then, as a result, there would be a revenue stream making available to restaurants. This occurred in the last year. The effort behind it was to help those businesses when they closed their dining areas.

There needs to be another vote for the bill by the House. That is before it gets sending over to the Senate. A version of the measure has to still be approving by a committee. Moreover, before it can be considered by the full chamber.

Governor Greg Abbott to the Rescue Again!

The signed waiver doing by last March by Governor Greg Abbott. It allowed to-go alcohol sales. Until last May, the waiver was originally set. However, it was extending indefinitely. In fact, expanding Texans’ access to booze got unusual bipartisan support. This was the lawmakers are setting out to work during the current legislative session.

Republican Charlie Geren Filed HB 1024

Republican State Representative Charlie Geren filed HB 104. He is a restaurant owner in Forth Worth, Texas. It was co-authored by Democrats. The restaurant would not benefit from the measure he is pushing, Geren said. This is because it doesn’t have the mixed beverage permit the legislation requires of restaurants. if they want to pursue to-go sales. Geren’s wife, Texas lobbyist Mindy Ellmer, had in fact paying for lobbying work by the Texas Restaurant Association. It is backing the legislation. Green and Ellmer had said before they didn’t want to talk about her restaurant lobbying. There is “no conflict,” Ellmer said. That is because there is a mixed beverage permit because of Geren’s restaurant.

Historically, Texas has been restrictive in regard to alcohol. Moreover, the state is banning the selling of alcohol since the repeal of Prohibition. Also, distilleries have limits on the number of bottles a person can buy, among other limitations.

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