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Apple Billion-Dollar Campus Nearly Finished

You are currently viewing Apple Billion-Dollar Campus Nearly Finished
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Apple says its employees are going move to its  $1 billion campus in a Southern state next year.

Apple is Massively Expanding

The tech giant is said to have invested $430 billion across the country. Thus, nationwide, adding 20,000 jobs over the next five years. Within the scope of the company’s massive expansion is the completion of the Austin campus.

In 2019, Apple broke ground on its new north Austin campus. Inititally, the vast 133-acre campus will have 5,000 employees. Moreover, it will provide a huge variety of engineering, research and development, operations, finance, sales and customer support jobs.

Half a century ago, Apple opened its first office in Austin, the company said. On Parmer Lane is its existing office. In fact, the new one that is being built is next to it.

Apple has a Commitment to Innovation and Manufacturing

“Apple is doubling down on our commitment to U.S. innovation and manufacturing, at this moment in time of recovery and rebuilding. There is a generational investment reaching out to communities across the span of all 50 states,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook. “From 5G to silicon engineering to artificial intelligence, we are creating jobs in cutting-edge fields. We want to invest in the next generation of innovative new businesses and all our work. Thus build toward a greener and what we consider a more equitable future.”

Reducing Pandemic Unemployment

In fact, the Austin Chamber of Commerce is expecting this new Apple campus to bring both middle to high-skilled laborers out of the pandemic unemployment.

“2020 was rough on most everyone and 2021 is really getting off to a slow start, too, this is what I consider good news too, in fact, that this project is still on track. Also, that it will give so many opportunities for our local talent,” said President and CEO Laura Huffman. Austin is in a position as a high-tech hub, and as a result, that continues to grow. It’s really just good news for everyone in Central Texas.

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