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Audi R8 To Be Known As An Rnext Electric Vehicle

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The Audi R8 is going to be known as the Rnext.
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Audi is looking to compete in high-profile races. But with a totally different vehicle. That being the Audi R8. It’s the successor for the Rnext line of electric vehicles.

But how?

Audi might end up either designing their own platform or using a matrix from sister company. Either way, it’s easy to tell that the four rings wants to see change. Audi CTO Olicer Hoffman wishes to create his very own bespoke sports-car architecture. Of course, there’s a likelihood that he will utilize the SSP6 componentry for Porsche. The latter company is serious about an ideal electric supercar as well as an entry for the hypercar entry. Audi, however, is coming with plenty of idea without having enough plans.

“634/0” is the codename for the Audi Rnext.

The Audi Rnext is truly the spiritual successor to the Lamborghini Huracan. That car being a high-voltage push to action as it will possibly spawn inspiration for a Bentley towards the 2030s. Certainly, there’s still plenty of ways to go.

So far, the vehicle is going into development of three body styles. Being that they’re coming forward with a two-seat coupe and a spyder as a roomy 2+2 along with a shooting brake. In regards to the modularity and scalability, would be key to lowering costs down. All models will be benefitting from Porsche-sourced high-performance batteries.

The construction may be composed aluminum and carbon-fiber. Lightweight metal is well-utilized. There was a cell-to-chassis concept for where the battery pack finds the stressed component with less calories, with few packaging and extra rigidity.

Branding Is Everything.

The AU634/0 hasn’t had much presence in the most recent cycle plan, where the next-gen e-tron GT with a Porsche SSP6 platform moniker as well as a 2029 release date. The Rnext is not likely to appear in early 2023.

Porsche is allowing the Audi to utilize the Cayman/Boxster for a 2027 TT replacement. We’ll see how that affects the Audi Rnext.

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