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Austin Doesn’t Look Like to Have Amazon’s 2nd HQ Location: Why?

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AUSTIN, Texas — From new reports, it is becoming obvious the city is not in the list of being Amazon’s location for its 2nd company headquarters.

According to the Washington Post, Amazon is targeting an area just outside the nation’s capital, however, another report showed the opposite and that Austin is not just out of the running yet.

As a matter of fact, the company’s second headquarters is expected to bring 50,000 jobs overall.

The new location could be the Northern Virginia suburb of Crystal City. Amazon is reportedly in advanced talks with the city.

Meanwhile, those with Amazon are looking to figure out how quickly they could move current employees to the location and how long will it take to create the company from start.

Sources tell that Austin is not yet out of the running, it may be splitting the new headquarters between Crystal City and Austin.

At present, the Capital City doesn’t have the housing inventory to add 50,000 new workers.

According to Angelos Angelou, the founder, and an economist at Angelou Economics, they are already building a lot of new homes in the city, the number of which is near 18,000. According to him, building another 50,000 for new employees can be taxing for any city, especially for a small city like Austin.

Since now, Amazon executives toured nearly 20 cities, including Austin. Eventually, the decision may be fallen on J. Bezos and could come as early as this month, due to the Wall Street Journal.

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