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Austin Energy Offers Help for Customers with Lapsed Payments

You are currently viewing Austin Energy Offers Help for Customers with Lapsed Payments
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Past due utility accounts with Austin Energy have been given a pass due to the pandemic, but that courtesy will be ending shortly. The utility company will begin discontinuance of service on July 1, 2021 for customers who have let their payments lapse.

The utility company serves nearly 480,000 residences. Disconnection notices have been on hiatus since March of last year in an effort to make life easier for folks during these trying times. However, approximately 11 percent of the homes served by the company have been in arrears on their payments since October. Not only does this translate to about 55,000 customers, but also to $48 million in unpaid bills.

Not to worry though, as the company will work with customers to ensure they will not have to go without power. Customers that have been strapped financially can get help. Monica Joyner is Austin Energy’s Account Management Director. She said, “There is so much help and we don’t want to see anyone without services, we have so much funding available.”

Hot summer weather is on the way, and people rely on air conditioning to stay cool. Consequently, the power company does not want to cut off power to anyone. No account will automatically be turned off, instead the collections process will be started. Customers who’ve payments have lapsed should contact Austin Energy at (512) 494-9400. Customer representatives will go over your account with you on the phone. Joyner said, “We really would like to connect with customers before we get to that point (of disconnecting.) We don’t want anyone without services especially during Texas heat.”

Although disconnections will be coming back, they can be avoided by contacting Austin Energy.

Clearly this is good news for families that have been contending with economic concerns. Help is on the way, and things are looking up!

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