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Why Are Austin Locals Mad at Truckers?

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Lately, East Austin locals are upset with the number of truckers illegally driving through neighborhood streets. The issue has been both causing both damage and traffic in residential streets.

Residents claim that local neighborhood streets cannot handle the weight of these oversized vehicles. Also, many of the neighborhoods are lined with trees that hang over the streets. More often than not, large vehicles will knock down branches from these beautiful trees.

Recent construction on major streets caused this issue. Sadly, truckers frequenting these streets have become more accustomed to using these streets.

Many of the locals do not blame the truckers, for they know they’re just trying to get their job done. Although, a lot of people do blame the construction and development agencies. Concerned residents have been inviting these businesses to neighborhood association meetings and have been trying to alert individuals of the problem. The association has claimed that they have attempted to notify these companies which streets are legal, but to no avail.

If the problem persists, locals are urging for speed bumps on certain streets. The request has been sent to the City of Austin’s Transportation Department, but it is still pending.

One company that has been noticed driving through the no-truck-zones is Texas Concrete.  The company claims that they’ll remind drivers which roads are okay to use. The Austin Police Department has received many complaints about this issue.

Police advise that if trucks are going to a construction site within the neighborhood, it is fine to travel through it. If not, it’s best to avoid residential streets to also avoid a citation!

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