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Austin Might Lose $50 Million Because Of Lyft And Uber

Austin Might Lose $50 Million Because Of Lyft And Uber
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For many drivers in Austin, Texas, Uber and Lyft have become a nice experience and a way to make money. But a new city ordinance that suggests performing fingerprints check on drivers as a part of background check can put this way of things to an end. The problem is not the fingerprinting itself but the fact that the tax dollars will be used for it and many believe that Uber and Lyft should be the ones to pay.

The ridesharing companies can choose to leave if the majority votes for fingerprinting and the U.S. Chamber Of Commerce uses it as an argument from winning the Smart City Challenge and getting $50 million. They say if Uber and Lyft leave, it will be a setback from the contest approach.

Steve Adler, Austin Mayor, says that the Smart City Challenge is about things like autonomous cars and electric vehicles, and traffic lights that get queues from traffic in real time to adjust timing. The Community, he believes, should not be bullied by the outside companies. Taxpayers should not pay for the background check for Uber and Lyft as the companies should be responsible for these fees.

Many drivers don’t mind fingerprinting but say that the background check must be efficient for the city and its residents.

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