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BMW M5: Shipping Your Exotic Car

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The BMW M5 is one of the most requested cars to ship when moving. Many owners take pride in their cars, as they should, and they want to make sure it is safe when shipping to a new location.

BMW M5: Precision Engineering

BMW is one of the front runners for fine-tuned engineering. It’s so precise that, upon its unveiling back in 1984, it was the fastest sedan in the world. This car maintains high-performance with luxury.

Exotic Car Shipping

Regardless of where you are moving to, if you own an M5, you definitely want to ship it. If the car needs to travel further distances, then this method is a must! Many exotic car owners decide to ship with an enclosed shipping method due to the security and safety of the cargo.

Enclosed Shipping Protects

Enclosed shipping methods ensure that your BMW M5 will get from point A to point B safely. Because the vehicle is not exposed to the elements such as rain, snow, dirt/debris, there is significantly less risk of any dings or damages that would come from standard shipping methods. Securing a high-end vehicle within the trailers is the number 1 way to protect and valuable assets such as your car.

Your BMW M5 Will Be Protected From Theft

Utilizing enclosed shipping methods for your exotic car ensures no theft will come of the trip. Where theft can happen to any car, having one locked in a trailer ensures that the only one in-and-out of the shipping container is the driver of the truck. Typically, the driver will go through the enclosed trailer to make sure that all belongings are intact, the car is secured within, and that no damage has been brought to the car.

Enclosed Shipping for Cars Over $100,000

The BMW M5 starts at just over $100k. This perfectly fits with our suggestion for enclosed shipping methods. If its an M5 or a Ferrari, enclosed is the way to go! Driving across the country in a luxury vehicle can be fun, but shipping it ensures protection. Car Transport Austin provides some of the best Exotic Car shipping in the country. Check out our other methods to see what can benefit you!

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