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Car Carriers

Whatever kind of car you need to ship, there are two types of car carriers you will have to choose between. There are open carriers used in the method of shipping called Open Auto Transport. Their trailers have no walls, exposing cars to road dirt and weather conditions. But it is a safe and affordable way of auto transport, so more people prefer it to shipping enclosed due to its price. Open carriers have a higher capacity, they can carry up to 10-12 vehicles, and that is the reason the price is lower. Enclosed car carriers have walls that protect vehicles from weather and dust. It is a great way to ship a luxury car or just a car that has some special meaning to you.

Austin Car Transport: Car Carriers

car carriers

Austin Car Transport provides Open Auto Transport and Enclosed Car Shipping. You can rely on our car haulers with the safety of your vehicle. We work with professional drivers who know how to deal with all kinds of vehicles and ship them safely from point A to point B.

If you want to save money on your Austin Auto Shipping, we recommend shipping with open car carriers. Even though your car might get dusty, it’s just like normal driving conditions without actually driving. Your car will be secured on the trailer and shipped following all the legal safely regulations.

Enclosed carriers are a great choice if you want to ship an exotic or expensive sports car. We use Enclosed Auto Shipping for our Exotic Car Transport to provide the highest level of protection.

Looking for a free quote for auto transport? Contact Austin Car Transport and get a free estimate. We have some of the best prices in the industry! Get a quote online or over the phone at (512) 298-1988. We are looking forward to shipping for you.