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Car Transport

Car Transport is a widely used service for shipping vehicles over a long distance. When you are looking for a car shipping company, probably the first thing you pay attention to is the price of the service. While it is an important factor that affects your decision, don’t forget it is not the only one. Check auto companies’ customer reviews and find more information before booking with any of them. A good deal will not be so good if for a cheap price you will get low-quality auto transport. So while shopping around, don’t forget that reliability is still the main priority.

Austin Car Transport: What Affects the Price?

car transport

To get a good price on auto shipping, you need to know how your quote is built and what affects it.

First of all, it is a type of vehicle you need car transport for, as well as its condition. To ship a semi-truck, for example, would cost you a lot more than to ship a sedan. Shipping an inoperable vehicle is also more expensive. Car movers use special tools to load it and unload it and that is what affects the price.

Another factor is the pick-up and dropping off locations, as well as the distance between them. It is cheaper to ship between major cities as those are the routes used by car carriers a lot.

What also matters is the method of your car shipping. There are two options: Open Auto Transport and Enclosed Car Shipping. The majority of people ship their vehicles with open car carriers as it is cheaper. Enclosed Auto Transport is more expensive but it is a better option for exotic vehicles.

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