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Micro Homes Could be the Answer to the State’s Rising Home Prices

Micro homes could be a solution to downsizing as home prices continue to go up across the state. These units will be renting out to residents, costing between $1,200 and $1,500, but as home prices continue to rise, these homes could be the answer for those looking to buy a home for now. Micro Homes Come with Full Appliances "Moreover, there is a full kitchen. It does come with all the appliances," said Aaron Levy, CEO of Casata. "Dining area, living area, ...
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Alcohol to Go From Restaurants Gets Closer to be Permanent in Texas

Alcohol to go as a sale beyond the Corona Virus pandemic would be possibly allowed by restaurants when the Texas House gave initial approval on Wednesday for the legislation. Alcohol to Go - House Bill 1024 For House Bill 1024, the chamber signed off. It would permanently allow beer, wine, and mixed drinks to be including in pickup and delivery food orders. Then, as a result, there would be a revenue stream making available to restaurants. This occurred i ...
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Bat City Resort Offering a 30-Night Deal to ‘Test Drive’ Lone Star State

Bat City is the sizzling spot for new businesses and residents. The Lone Star State is seeing new residents come in droves. There is an average of 1,000 new people per day in 2020. Bat City Resort That's why one Hyatt-owned resort on north Lake Travis is offering a 30-night extended stay deal to "test drive" to Lone Star State. Therefore, a 220-acre resort and spa located about 20 miles northwest of dow ...
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Elon Musk Predicts the Bat City will be the Biggest Boomtown in Decades

Elon Musk last Summer chose the Bat City, as the spot for the $1 billion factory that would build the Cybertruck. It's the carmaker's long-anticipating electric pickup truck. Then in December, Musk confirmed that he was picking up and moving from Los Angeles, California, to relocating the Lone Star State. Elon Musk Sees Austin has Huge Potential Musk said he thought Austin, Texas had massive potential beyond just hosting and his new factory. Recently duri ...
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Representative Files Bill for a Vote on Lone Star State Independence

Texas Representative Kyle Biedermann (Republican-Fredericksburg) went and filed the House Bill 1359. It is know as the Texas Independence Referendum Act, on Tuesday. It would allow Texas to vote on whether the Texas Legislature should develop a joint interim committee. In fact, this would be to develop a plan to try to get Texas Independence. Representative Biedermann Wants to Give Power to the People The bill is not a resolution to allow for immediate i ...
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Texan Cities Are Among Nation’s Best Cities to Work From Home

Any Texan you ask may be surprised to hear the answer to "where's the best place to work from." Not necessarily from home, but from home, in Texas itself. The Lone Star state is among the U.S.'s leading hubs to work from home in, according to a new study that analyzes various Texan cities. For Example, Our Very Own Austin is 9th in the Nation The capital ranks 9th among the big cities on Texan soil to work from home in. This is according to analysts at S ...
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Homes are Selling Faster and at Higher Prices Than Ever Before

Home Sales are Going Up Homes are selling fast and at higher prices than ever because according to The Austin Board of Realtors'. Housing experts caution that the number also escalates the need to improve cost-effective housing options in the region. But on the other hand, figures may be great news to people thinking of selling their residential properties in Austin. Last week, in fact, Oracle reported its plans to move its corporate headquarters to Aus ...
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Thanksgiving Dinners Have Reduced Prices Due to the Pandemic

Thanksgiving Dinners

Thanksgiving dinners that are traditional and have a Texas-style flair for 10 now cost $44.21, down $3.80, according to the special Texas Farm Bureau Thanksgiving Meal Report. Thanksgiving Dinners have all the Fixings Turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pecan pie, according to survey records the cost of 10-holiday staples. “There is some good news for shoppers this Thanksgiving, sai ...
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