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Shipping Your Car During Coronavirus

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The US is facing a heavy self-isolation moment during the Coronavirus outbreak. While many are staying home and not traveling, many more are still trying to go about their daily lives. COVID-19 has put a halter on many who had the plan to move due to corporate relocation. Whatever the case may be, you have a pretty large life change that has been interrupted by current events. Moving the family has now taken an extra step. There is no need to worry, though, we are still here to ship your vehicle.

Steps For Safe Transportation

In order to properly ship your vehicle without interruption, we urge drivers to take the following steps:

Disinfect Your Auto

One of the biggest issues facing the country right now is maintaining sanitation standards. The steering wheel, seatbelt, shifter and door handles should all be properly cleaned with alcohol wipes or other sanitizing wipes.

A good car wash can go a long way. This goes for many other reasons such as detecting any dings or dents in the car, scratches and other imperfections. All of this helps to cut down any variables that could cause a problem with transporting your vehicle.

Cleaning the Interior

Apart from disinfecting the highly touched sections of your car or truck, cleaning the interior is also a major beneficiary. From wiping down the dashboard of dust, and vacuuming both the seats and carpet, you are ensuring that your car is clean the moment it is picked up to the moment it is dropped off.

Coronavirus And Traveling

Traveling is hard for many right now. With the idea of containing the spread of a pandemic, many have opted out if they could, while many cannot afford this option. Moving during a national crisis isn’t the most opportune way to go about doing things, but it must be done, which is why we are here to help.

We also encourage anyone who does travel to be safe and use the necessary precautions to make your trip effortless. We ask everyone traveling to use caution and be safe!

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