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Dodge has Three Big Reveals for 2022; at Least Two are Electrified

You are currently viewing Dodge has Three Big Reveals for 2022; at Least Two are Electrified
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Dodge has revealed this will be an all-electric muscle car for 2024. In fact, this summer, Stellantis is outlined in the sweeping broad strokes of this ambitious electrification strategy. Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis is going to reveal this monster EV in 2022 along with two other models.

Dodge Built on a STLA Large Platform

The basic car next year is going on sale. There was a big Stellantis EV summit is going to be built on the STLA Large platform. It will, in fact also underpin the next Giulia. Moreover, it can accommodate batteries with capabilities that range from 101 to 118 kWh for up to 500 miles of range. There will be an array of motors with power to 402 horsepower by Stellantis. In fact, it would combine two it is an easy way to make more than 800 horsepower. Moreover, it would be highly appropriate for an electric Dodge muscle car.

Challenger and Charger Go Out of Production

The Challenger and Charger will go out of by 2024,” Kuniskis said. The aging muscle cars will go on to live until at least 2023.

There are two vehicles that are going to be revealed in 2022. Those are shrouded in mystery. In fact, Kuniskis is saying one of them would be an all-new plug-in hybrid model. Thus it will be revealed early next year. It will not be presumed related to any existing plug-in hybrids such as the Pacifica, Wrangler, and Grand Cherokee. Plus, coming at the end of the year is, well, something. Therefore, he didn’t give any hint as to body style, performance or anything.

Most of the doors are plain, but a few have some interesting symbols: two hands in the air; a tire swing; a bottle of moonshine; a ghost; a pot of something with exhaust headers; a spray can with a skull and crossbones; a crown; and roadkill. Though, we are not sure what any of them mean.

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