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Driving in Austin

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Austin's roads cannot support the population.
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If you are planning your move to Austin, you will have to remember that driving around the city’s streets may look a little different than what you are used to where you are from. Once you are aware of the different nuances of navigating Austin, you will be fully ready to explore the city’s beauty and enjoy all that it has to offer, from Texan BBQ to tons of live music venues. Austin is known a bit for being a bit of an “oddball” city, but the driving there is generally very normal.

Understanding Austin Roads

Like they say, everything is bigger in Texas! As the capital of Texas, this is true of Austin’s large population. What this phrase does not apply to is the number of roadways. With the road to people ratio, Austin does not have the infrastructure to properly support the population. They severely lack roadways and highways that have the capability to carry and move along the amount of people that need to get through the city. A study showed that within a year, commuters will experience a total of 83 hours of traffic delays in Austin. There are toll road options that you can take as well, but then you will have to face the high prices that the roads cost for use.

Furthermore, streets of the city often lack signs to help identify different aspects of the road. One particular issue is there are a large number of one-way streets with little to no signs saying as much. This is by far the largest gripe most people have about driving in Austin. Unless people are well versed in the city’s streets, people often go the wrong way and risk their own and others’ lives.

Parking in Austin

Parking in the city, like in any major city, can be a bit difficult depending on what area you are looking for parking in. Because parking is limited, it tends to get pretty pricy as well. Expect to pay per hour at many places, with price increases for each hour the longer you are there.

Expect Texas Weather

Texas is known for many things, one of them is its heat. The summers in the state tend to be scorching, and this is definitely the case in Austin. The good news is winters are quite tame. Nonetheless, prepare to drive in the heat and become aware of common car ailments that can happen in the heat.

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