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Get Ready for September! Events and Festivals in Austin

You are currently viewing Get Ready for September! Events and Festivals in Austin
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Fall in Austin, Texas is about sunny days and many interesting events and festivals around the town. City is planning to hold a wide range of events and active festivals. If you are searching for activities or some more action in your everyday life, you must firstly check these festivals and events. Let’s get started:

HAAM Benefit Day
HAAM, or the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians, presents a support for the local musicians. The sponsor, Whole Foods market, hosts a citywide benefit for raising the support. Many local musicians hold their concerts and showcases at venues around the city. Restaurants and stores take part as well by donating 5% of their daily sales back to the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians. The location, as well as the time and price, can vary. Walk around the city, drink, eat and enjoy the live music of the local musicians. Get more info on the website.

From 09-12-2017 to 09-16-2017
Austin Music Video Festival
It is the second time Austin holds this festival. Austin Music Video Fest is a celebration of Austin’s music video heritage. Many parties, afterparties, and workshops take place in the city. You can get info about the location and the cost on their website.

From 09-15-2017 to 09-16-2107

Lone Star Le Mans (Circuit of Americas)
The biggest twist on the world’s greatest sports car race. It is an enjoyable Le Mans for 24 hours and nine hours of speed racing. Live music and cafes are available around the area as well. At night, there are glittering fireworks to enjoy. Info on the webpage.

Museum Day
On this day city becomes a huge exhibition itself. Many free exhibitions, activities and galleries take place around the city of Austin. Take your time to enjoy the museums of not only modern but also old-fashioned arts.

From 09-21-2017 to 09-28-2017
Fantastic Festival
The largest film fest in Austin and, generally, in the United States. The genres include sci-fi, action, fantasy and movies even from around the world.

From 09-23-2017 to 09-28-2017
Fall Pecan Street Fest
On this day, many artisan vendors display and sell their arts and crafts. They come from around the world to Austin. IT is held on the historic Sixth Street.

German heritage is celebrated in Texas on this day. AustOberfest is held in Scholz Garten in this year, one of the oldest taverns in the city. Beer, live music and sausage are the essentials of this festival.

Also on 09-30-2017
Soul Food Truck Fest
It is held at the Gorge Washington Carver Museum Freedom Plaza. Ten central Texas American-African food trucks will be at the location waiting for the visitors to taste their traditional dishes. Also, finger-licking dishes will be available for visitors.

From 09-30-2017 to 11-19-2017
Sweet Eats Farm Fest
Sweet Eats Fruit Farm is a glorious peach garden with many farm activities. Local food trucks and beverages are available for attendees. Activities like pony rides, face painting and fall photo shooting are affordable for everyone.

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