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Fast Food Prices Going Up from the Trucker Shortage??

You are currently viewing Fast Food Prices Going Up from the Trucker Shortage??
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The trucker shortage seems like its impacting everyone now. What’s the latest? Even fast food companies, like McDonald’s Corp., Jack in the Box Inc., and more might see a rise in prices. The country just doesn’t have enough truck drivers anymore. It is impossible to deliver everything that people want to buy in a timely fashion. As such… companies are feeling the effects, which means consumers are likely to as well.

Michael Norwich, owner of fourteen Jack in the Box restaurants in El Paso, Texas and Las Cruces, New Mexico, is nervous. He doesn’t know if they can keep the longstanding advertised $4.99 combo meal price any longer. The shortage is impacting the costs of distribution. Soon, our convenient fast food and product prices might start crawling up. And when will it stop?

In fact, even Procter & Gamble Co., Hasbro Inc., and Church & Dwight Co. may be upping prices. Their freight is costing extra, so we soon might be paying more for everyday things. Crest toothpaste… Arm & Hammer cat litter and more. Even My Little Pony figurines may be increasing in price.

How can we fix the problem?

This is simply because there are not enough drivers to do the work. And this becomes a long-term issue which will likely get worse. Some of this information comes from Lee Klaskow, an analyst from Bloomberg Intelligence.

Although legislators are attempting to lower the minimum age to 18 for long-haul drivers, it might not help the problem. Since insurance is higher for younger drivers, many of the younger drivers likely would avoid the job entirely. In addition, the industry has been trying to recruit more women to up the numbers.

The shortage impacts the trucking industry throughout the nation. Now, it’s becoming the consumer’s problem too. What do you think about the rise in prices due to the trucker shortage??

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