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Ferrari: Why You Should Ship

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Own a Ferrari? If the answer is “yes” then you should obviously ship it. Retirement could soon be around the corner and snowbird season can have you finally ready to flap your wings and fly. How are you going to transport all of your belongings to the great state of Florida in a two-seater? The answer is easy: Ship it.

Don’t Drive Your Ferrari Across Country

Shipping is the best option for any high-end vehicle. Although it would be a cool idea to rip through the country in a nice Italian sports car, the comfort might not be enough for retirement. In this case, we provide enclosed shipping methods in order to make sure it gets from point A to point B safely and securely.

Driving over 3,000 Miles Increases the Chance for an Accident

If you are going to drive across the country, then your statistics of being in an accident increases dramatically, yes, you obviously have your Ferrari insured, but does the risk have to be there? The answer is no. That is why your best option to ship is through a vehicle transport service like us. We provide the best shipping services in the area!

The Wear on your Car isn’t Worth it

Listen, everyone gets anxious to drive their new super-powered luxury sports car. Why impress strangers on the highway? Believe me, I’ve driven across the country and unless you’re passing through a city where a ton of people are commuting, you’re going to face long stretches of road where nobody is with you and that means nobody cares. I can even attest to flying through states like New Mexico and Arizona, the long straight stretches of road are the perfect spot to test out your car’s performance, but if you get caught, then you’re pretty much looking at jail time.

Wait Till Your Ferrari Arrives and Take It On The Track

Adequately factoring the amount of gas it would cost to drive your car versus the total amount to ship can vary. With ac ar like a Ferrari, the goal is not to save gas, even if it is one of the best cars ever created. With speeding tickets, jail time, the risk of damaging your vehicle and many other options, still your best bet is to ship it. When it arrives, the registration fee for the track is going to far outweigh the potential fines, wear and tear as well as any accidents that may happen when driving it long distances.

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