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For the First Time in the 45 Years the Population of Austin Decreases

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Austin is a city with a large neighborhood which was densely populated for 45 years. However, recently the population of the city has decreased. This reduction of the population has many causes. But the most concerning is gun shootings, drug deals and other violations that bother the residents.

Austin has a large neighborhood with many blocks. Some blocks of the neighborhood are safer to live than the others. However, the residents who live in blocks that are free from shootings and violations started to move out as well as they think that one day the shootings will endanger their lives too.

According to 2011-2015 census data, the population of Austin reduced to 97,600, while in 2000 it was 97,600. Besides of the safety issues (which are the most concerning ones) other factors which make the inhabitants of Austin migrate from their city are poverty, high rate of unemployment as well as the low quality of education.
It is to be noted that by the 1930s Austin was a rich and populated city with a population more than 130,000. The collapse of the housing market in 2007-2009 became a turning point for the city’s economic stability. Starting from this time, more than 1 in 5 apartment units was affected by violators in Austin As a consequence, the residents’ perception of Austin has changed. They started to move out from their homes because of feeling themselves in danger. The residents of Austin claim the police saying that police do not care about the safety of the city, therefore, they have to move out.

Nevertheless, some of the residents still continue to live in their homes. They undertake some initiatives in order to develop their community and to stop violations. One of the initiatives launched after the attack near the shoe store when a man was killed. “After the shootings business went down” since nobody went there. In order to solve this issue, nearby food markets provided hundreds of dollars’ cost of food per week for the dinners. They did so for reconstructing the community.

In addition, the government started to use new methods to struggle against violators. A new technology should be used which identifies shooting noise and sends a signal to cameras and police officers near shootings. This will give a chance the police to arrive at a crime place faster.
According to the residents, the above-mentioned initiatives would make a step-by-step progress in communities’ life.

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