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Food Bank Donations are Becoming Imperative

You are currently viewing Food Bank Donations are Becoming Imperative
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Food bank request donations are in dire need. In fact, a southern state food bank is on track to spend ten times more than it did before the COVID-19 pandemic this month. Moreover, there is a need to feed more people. Also, along with inflation and supply chain issues is to blame.

Food Bank and Millions of More Meals Needed

There is a greater need to feed people during the pandemic, this is according to Mark Jackson. He is with the Local Texas Food Bank. Moreover, that number is starting to subside. There will be more people in need in the area than ever. Also, the food bank is ultimately putting together 11 million more meals than usual in 2021.

Food Bank Budgets

In fact, they fall 20% of their need, Jackson said. This is regarding their projections. The nourishments bank budgets about $100,000 on an average year. That is on top of donations. In fact, it now plans to spend $1,000,000 to supplement donations. Therefore, the food bank does say it needs to acquire particular types of food for its distribution. That is why monetary donations are preferred. Now the food bank can get the food at a major discounted rate.

“We want to educate folks which are our big thing. Thus then let them know. We can then go out and buy an entire semi of peanut butter versus what you can get at the market. Then, we can get a much better price on that. Therefore, it can make a much larger impact if you can donate [cash],” Jackson said.

 Four meals for people in need equals $1. Therefore, the Beaumont Foundation is presently matching donations for the holiday season. It would make that number eight meals. Also, these donations will help one in seven people in our area. They are nourishment insecure.

Risk of Hunger

“There is one in five children in the 21 counties, we do serve is at risk of hunger. We really think that that’s completely unacceptable,” Jackson said. “Moreover, when folks step up during the campaigns. It is to help us raise money like Giving Tuesday. They are making sure we can keep the kids fed and then go to bed with a full tummy.”

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