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Gigafactory: Tesla’s New Location Seeks Jobs

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Austin, TX – Tesla’s new “Gigafactory” is looking for jobs in Austin. Recently, job listings are appearing for the new factory are being posted in the largest tech-hub in Texas.

The plan is to bring in over 5,000 new workers to the factory. Tesla picked Austin with a 1 billion dollar deal. The deal came about under these conditions:

  • Ensure at least half of their workers live in Travis County
  • Give some of the money the company saves on tax breaks to local nonprofits or schools
  • Hire at least 5,000 workers in four years
  • Ensure pay starts at $15 an hour and goes up over time

For now, since the factory is still in the planning stages, 39 jobs have been posted.

The current salary for Tesla employees ranges. For basic workers, the $15 minimum wage is cohesive with the areas economy. While the company is known for extending their workforce for further success, it is the skill and labor that put them into questioning.

“We’re looking at construction, engineering, manufacturing, operations, information technology and design,” Laura Huffman, the president and CEO of the Austin Chamber of Commerce, told KVUE. “And one of the things that I think is most beneficial to our community about Tesla coming to Austin is that, not only are they going to look for workforce from our community, from people that we have right here, right now, but they’re going be partnering with local educators to make sure that the job training is in place. So we’re going to be building skills in these areas as they build the site and as they hire their teams.”  

The Gigafactory Expands Job Market In COVID-Era Austin

Austin is one of the largest tech cities in Texas. With events such as SXSW being one of the first to cancel their 2020 plans due to the virus, the city is experiencing a slowdown in the job market. The new factory will give relief to many searching for work in an economic slowdown.

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