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Google Meet Is Now Free For Everyone

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Google Meet is the newest video program from the company. Where social distancing practices have left many utilizing some form of video chatting software, Google has decided that it will provide its services for free until September 30th.

Why Is Google Meet Different?

Google Meet is just a renaming of Google Hangouts which, aside from Skype, is the oldest video chatting software. Over the years, the company has changed the name due to maintaining a “fresh” new way for users to interact with school, business, family and friends. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t quite need another video chat.

With every social media app now implementing some sort of software. The company has gone through so many different transitions from the initial product. So much so that the overall consensus for most users is a shrug and an “ok”.

Google Plans To Merge All Video Chatting Software

The tech giant is planning to merge all video chatting programs into one large platform. They also intend to allow anyone with a Gmail account the ability to access this.

This will generate further use by allowing students, teachers and businesses to continue to do what is necessary for the time being.

Comparing To Social Media

Social media sites have been implementing some form of video chatting function for quite a long time. Facebook Chat, Instagram and Snapchat have all added this as a standard to their own platform and have been successful with user experience.

Google Meet is expected to fair well, however, the constant rebranding has led to an increase in confusion. For those who have been using the platform, it’s just another day at the office. For others looking to change things up, Google Meet might be just what they need in order to continue their daily business. In terms of Google, this is once again a step in another direction.

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