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Gun Advocacy Clashes Against Traditional School Safety Measures

You are currently viewing Gun Advocacy Clashes Against Traditional School Safety Measures
Gun Advocacy matters to the community.
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When that massive school shooting occurred in Uvalde, Texas, it’s definitely put an impact on the United States. But in a way that’s both all-too-familiar and way too different. The gun advocacy rally that is coming up soon is all occurring at once with legislative conversations regarding the opportunities to improve school safety. Nine months after that original shooting, there’s still around hundreds of concerned citizens that just want to do something already.

I mean, wouldn’t you?

If this type of event happened in your hometown, wouldn’t you yourself be concerned as well? Enough to do something?

In this case, around hundreds of folks are looking to rally up at the State Capitol, all in regards for tight limitations on the possibility for Texans who feel advantageous enough to purchase firearms. Many Uvalde families as well as nearby groups from Santa Fe are all in favor of gun restrictions. All while the House Committee of Public Education has to get real: how can they actually make school safe for everyone there. It’s all in a range of scenarios, from the overturning of teachers to making school campuses more grittier and protected from threats that could occur at any point in time.

I’d go so far as to say that parents and school faculty alike are in their own rights to withdraw the students if there does turn out to be malintent behind the actions of possible aggressors. You never want to be too loose with the mind game, as what you may not pay mind to, could turn into something more vile down the line. It’s all a matter of perspective few have and fewer are even lucky to act upon. Such problems that initiate school shootings tend to be a little more complex than ordinary circumstances that may occur in public education establishments.

Legislators Take Gun Advocacy Into Their Own Hands.

A Testimony was welcomed in by the legislative panel with words from Texas School Safety Center Director, Dr. Kathy Martinez-Prather. Chief of School Safety and Security John Scott and Texas Education Agency Commissioner Mike Morath.

Throughout the discussion, it was made bleakly clear that the only way to prevent or at least recover smoother is ensuring physical security while promoting open discussion on mental health.

Representative Matt Schaeffer, Republican, believes quite frankly that there is a direct correlation between school shootings and young men. In fact, most shooters are adult dudes anyway.

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