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Hot Cars Are Still A Major Health Concern

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Hot cars are still leading to a number of deaths from both children and pets. The temperature inside the vehicle can reach levels that can potentially harmful to that inside.

Every year, the threat to animals and children who are left in the car for too long is high. Drivers will often leave their pet in their cars for an extensive period of time.

A large portion of these cases involve the windows up and no A/C.

Another issue is having small children left inside the car. Each year, many children are hospitalized due to heat exhaustion.

Death From Hot Cars Are Still Preventable

“It’s important for the public to understand that even if they don’t have a child of their own, neighborhood children can climb into an unlocked vehicle during the hot summer months, with tragic consequences,” Secretary Elaine Chao of the US Department of Transportation said.

“As we enter the hot summer months, the Department is launching a $3 million information campaign to remind drivers to never leave children unattended in cars and to lock their cars to prevent neighborhood children from entering the heated car.”

The USDOT is working with the community. They have put together a $3 million campaign called “Park, Look, Lock” to prevent more tragedies.

The reports show that 38 children die in parked cars for extended amounts of time. In 2018, that number grew to 58 deaths for children 5 and under. These deaths were all 100% preventative.

Some speculate that parking in shaded areas will reduce the heatstroke. Unfortunately, heatstroke deaths can occur in cars with temperatures of 80 degrees and up.

The problem of leaving animals and small children is still an issue that must be dealt with accordingly. As these deaths can be completely avoided, it is up to many within society to make sure this doesn’t happen again. These new rules will help prevent unnecessary deaths.

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