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How Trucking Companies are Increasing Efficiency

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Here's how trucking companies are pushing forward
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Austin is becoming a major hub for transportation and trucking companies around the country. Its central location and favorable legislative environment make it a good choice for companies looking for the perfect home base. Austin is sought after by trucking companies for the sake of efficiency. But how else are transportation companies increasing their efficiency? Here are some of the ways these companies stay ahead of the curve.

Better routing with AI

Many forward-thinking companies use artificial intelligence programs to plan better routes for their truckers. These AI programs take in inputs like weather patterns, traffic trends, and the type of cargo and plan a route that cuts down on travel and idle time.

Maximizing efficiency in routing is nearly impossible for human beings to do. There are simply too many inputs into the equation for any one person to accurately predict what the optimal route will be. AI helps solve this problem.

Greater communication and monitoring

Increased usage of cameras and communication technology is helping companies monitor their fleets. Electronic logging devices, or ELDs, can tell drivers when they’re driving in a way that will wear down their trucks. Speeding in a truck or starting and stopping can wear down a truck and shorten its lifespan. So, you can see why more companies are adopting this technology. After all, nothing reduces trucking efficiency like needing to replace vehicles.

ELDs can also tell customers where their packages are and when they’ll arrive. By integrating this technology into an existing fleet, companies have a better way to monitor their fleet and increase their transparency with customers.

Maximizing loading and utilization

Finally, companies can increase the efficiency of their loading. This means that companies will try to load their trucks well so they can carry as much as possible. This is a delicate balance. Truckers want to load their trucks fully without overloading them. How can they do this?

There are many ways truckers can increase their load efficiency. For example, many truckers have started picking up one-way spot-freight deliveries after emptying their previous loads. Car Transport Austin increases its efficiency by using trucks with existing loads for our expedited auto transport service. By using these active trucks, we increase both our efficiency and the drivers’. It’s a win-win!

Efficiency is the name of the game in today’s trucking and transportation industries. With increasing AI integration and self-driving vehicles on the horizon, it’s an exciting time to be on the cutting edge of the transport industry!

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