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Is Electric Vehicle Conversion an Option for Retro Vehicles?

You are currently viewing Is Electric Vehicle Conversion an Option for Retro Vehicles?
Vintage cars like this one can undergo conversion
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Many people nowadays love the look and feel of vintage cars but want to switch to electric cars. There are plenty of reasons to do this, from the purely environmental to the financial incentive to avoid rising gas costs. But how feasible is electric vehicle conversion?

Some companies are looking to push electric vehicle conversions forward

Converting an older vehicle into a fully electric one is a difficult, exhaustive process. A converter has to not only strip out and clean the vehicle’s chassis thoroughly, but it also has to figure out where the large new battery can sit within the engine block. Then, there’s the small matter of basically rewiring the whole vehicle from scratch. Sounds hard, doesn’t it?

There are some companies out there that are beginning to specialize in this niche. Famously supported by David Beckham, London’s Lunaz sits at the top end of the market. Lunaz is so inundated with orders that it is purportedly sold out for the next two years! Austin’s own Moment Motor Co. is also a leader in the industry, using 3D scans and CAD models to best serve its vehicles. As time goes on, you can expect more shops to specialize in converting older vehicles to electric, as demand will only increase.

The main problem is cost

Unfortunately, electric vehicle conversion comes with a hefty cost. The lower end of this market still incurs costs of around $50,000 for a proper restoration. And this is a complicated process, so going for the cheaper option may spell disaster down the road for your car.

However, costs should decrease with time. More batteries should become available for this process as electric vehicles take up a greater market share. And more electric vehicles on the market and in use means more shells of older vehicles can be converted!

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