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Lyft and Uber left Austin Texas?

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Yes, its true, Lyft and Uber have fled the city. But don’t be alarmed yet, Zipcar and many new apps will soon become the new fad. Now the big question, why did these two well-known ride hauling apps leave? Simply because drivers didn’t like the rules and regulation. The rules stated that the drivers should have a fingerprint background checks done, the cars must have the company logo, and they must abide by the given regulations as to where the can pick up and drop off. Now that they don’t have Lyft and Uber, Austin residents have created a Facebook group.  This Facebook group has grown significantly and the sole purpose for this page is to find a ride to your destination and back.  The rules are very simple:

  • You post your location and the destination in the group
  • Once you connect with someone, you delete the request
  • You may ask them for an Uber or Lyft profile
  • And lastly “be cool to each other”

It’s an easier way for people requesting a ride to connect with their driver directly. The best part about this system is that there is no set price. Unless the driver has set a price for the ride ahead of time. You can pay the driver whatever you may seem fit for the distance of the drive. The city of Austin has figured out a loophole and it has been very beneficial. Many drivers have even felt like they should help people out by picking people up who are in need. Its heart warming to know that there are still plenty of good Samaritans’ in the world. People who offer help and guidance to someone who may be in need. This is a great strategy for the people in Austin. It is also a wonderful way for Austin residence to meet people in their city.

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