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Mach 1 Mustang Is Able To Fill In The GT350’s Gap Entirely

You are currently viewing Mach 1 Mustang Is Able To Fill In The GT350’s Gap Entirely
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When Ford came out with their Ford Mustang Mach 1, some people were floored. The 760-horsepower Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 was supposedly the king. But the car has some shine to it. Being that it’s the future of Mustangs past. Such as the Bullitt, the PP2 GT and the GT350. There’s something about the car that handles very well. No matter if you’re off for a short commute or a long haul. It’s always a fun vehicle to zip around the race track. The vehicle is at least 20 more horses built into the standard power of the GT. But not like the Bullitt, the Mach 1 can use the TR-3160 six-speed manual transmission that is also a quality of the GT350. Where there’s a Getrag-built box and also a 10-speed automatic.

Drivers who still want to perfect the craft may show the Mach 1 featuring automatic changes of velocity.

If you’re looking to turn those off, well it’s very much possible. Otherwise, by searching to squeeze out a tenth, you would have to keep acceleration pushed down. Especially during certain turns and straights.

The thing about the Mach 1 is that there is a level of suspension that can be bolted to the GT350 frontal and rear subframes. This also shows off Ford with their latest spec of MRF dampers. As has been popularly the case with the powertrain, there is Normal, Track and Sport mode. Mach 1 still hits the streets pretty comfortably, but when the uneven pavement rears its ugly head, Mach 1 doesn’t quite perform so flawlessly. Not to mention, the vehicle is not the most charming – though this is a quality dully noted in the GT 350 of yesteryear.

Overall, Ford knows what they’re doing. And they also know that they still have a long ways to go. But truth be told, this Mach 1 really takes the cake when it comes to incredible muscle cars shown throughout the United States of America.

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