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Macy’s Reopening Multiple Austin Locations

You are currently viewing Macy’s Reopening Multiple Austin Locations
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Macy’s, one of America’s most widely known mall chains, are deciding to open their doors. Stay-in-place has put quite a bit of doubt as to the issue of COVID-19. On one side, people should continue to distance themselves and stay at home, on the other, businesses need customers in order to survive. With some believing the death toll is worth their stores being open, and others believing that will further spread the virus, America has to wait.

Macy’s Opens With Hesitations

Like many businesses that are operating under the current stay-in-place procedures, Macy’s will allow shoppers one-at-a-time to browse and shop within the store. The company will adhere to strict guidelines for safety.

For many, still, the thought of opening causes concerns. The goal is to limit the spread while being at home. Those who have not followed these instructions have found themselves hospitalized.

Others find that having business open will work to jump start their economy. Many are skeptical in regards to Macy’s (of all places) opening.

Shopping At A Distance

For shoppers, they can browse what they are looking for online. Once they have made a purchase they will receive a code. They can either pick it up curbside or have it delivered. For those who need it curb side, they roll up, park and an attendant comes out to deliver their order. Returns will see a similar approach. For items that need to be returned, customers must wait in line, 6-feet apart and will be helped in accordance with first come first served. Returns must be made at the store in order for an exchange or a refund.

Macy’s Follows Protocol

In order for Macy’s to operate during quarantine, they must follow these specific rules to a “T”. No business wants to be the epicenter for spreading the disease and the company feels that it can extensively work to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while remaining open to the public.

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