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Man on Dating App Bumbles Into Insurrection Confession

You are currently viewing Man on Dating App Bumbles Into Insurrection Confession
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Man in a Southern State was arresting last week after telling his Bumble match of his participation in the January 6th riot at the U.S. Capitol. This was according to Austin court documents.

Man Pepper-Sprayed and Assaulted Police Officers

Andrew Quentin Taake, 32, of Texas, is accusing of pepper spraying and assaulting police officers. Thus, the police officers were trying to prevent rioters from entering the building. This is what federal authorities said. Moreover, Taake is charging with assaulting, resisting, or impeding certain officers. Also obstruction of an official proceeding, among the other charges, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Bumble Match Exposed Andrew Quentin Taake

In fact, the FBI did receive a tip about Taake’s participation in the riot. It was provided by someone he matched with on the dating app. This was according to a criminal complaint filed on July 23rd. There are screenshots of the conversation that show Taake sharing pictures of him at the riot. It was captioning “About 30 minutes after being spraying,” the document said.

Digging into Taake’s Travel Plans

Then the FBI followed up on the tip by pulling records of Taake’s travel plans that showed he was departing from George Bush Intercontinental Airport from Texas to Baltimore/Washington International Airport in Maryland on Jan. 5th. This was according to the criminal complaint. Moreover, he returned to Houston through the same airports on January 8th, right after the insurrection, according to the same complaint added.

Man: Publicly Posting Photos at the U.S. Capitol

Photos and videos of Taake, the FBI found publicly posted that day. He also had a whip-like weapon in his hand, the court document said. Also, there was footage from body-worn cameras by the Metropolitan Police Department. It showed Taake using pepper spray and the metal whip against police, according to the criminal complaint.

FedEx Driver Provides More Information on Taake

Then after tracking down a FedEx driver who, in fact, delivered a package to Taake’s home, the FBI brought photos of Taake to the driver, the document said. Thus, the driver was, in fact, able to identify him.

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