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Mercedes-AMG Is Making It Known That They Have Electric Plans!

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Mercedes-AMG, which happens to be the in-house performance brand, is excited to let people know that they have all-electric performance vehicles that are likely to be a bigger thing in the future. Mercedes-AMG, much like the Benz compatriot, is looking to make an electric transition soon enough. They have vehicles that are going to be based on the Mercedes-EQ architecture. This is to say that Mercedes-AMG is looking to redevelop the vehicles, with the drive, chassis, brakes, sound, and design.

Mercedes-AMG is telling fans that the all-electric vehicles won’t be that much different from the V8 Gasoline vehicles. More details are likely to reappear this yea as they work hard to unveil the all-electric vehicles. It’s likely to happen after the Mercedes-Benz EQS gets seen for the first time.

Mercedes-AMG Calls it Themselves

This is a statement that Mercedes-AMG made about the whole thing. “From the combination of front and rear engine, overall performance can be achieved on a par with the most powerful Mercedes-AMG Performance models with the current 4.0-liter V8 biturbo engine. This also applies to the sprint from standstill to 100 km/h. This is completed in well under 4.0 seconds, depending on the power and vehicle. It also depends on whose linear acceleration is a very special pleasure.”

Carmakers have sought to boost sales at their lucrative sports-car divisions to help generate funds for the electric shift. Brands such as AMG and BMW M have built around combustion-engine performance. It will need to reinvent themselves to keep commanding premium prices and stay relevant in the electric age.

The EQS, which is being unveiled next month, will be built on Mercedes’ first underpinnings purpose-built for full-size electric vehicles, known as EVA. Schiemer declined to elaborate on a potential dedicated electric-car platform for future Mercedes sports cars. Although Daimler has signaled it is working on such a plan. Vehicle platforms standardize certain key technology that can then be adopted for different cars to create scale effects and save costs.

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