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Mercedes-Benz 2022 C-Class Wagon Offers Up All-Terrain Wagon

You are currently viewing Mercedes-Benz 2022 C-Class Wagon Offers Up All-Terrain Wagon
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Mercedes-Benz has broadened its C-Class family range with the addition of a soft-roader wagon. It has been dubbed the C-Class All-Terrain. On September 6th, 2021, the vehicle is due to make its formal debut at the Munich auto show. In addition, there will be several other new models and concepts that will come from Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz’s New Wagon

Though not yet confirmed for sale in the U.S., the C-Class All-Terrain, though if sold here could possibly provide an alternative to the comparable Audi A4 Allroad and Volvo V60 Cross Country. Moreover, it could also provide another new option for buyers that are looking for the versatility of a crossover. Yet in a more compact form factor.

Mercedes-Benz All-Terrain Variant

There is a small chance Mercedes-Benz will, in fact, introduce the All-Terrain variant though the regular C-Class Wagon is not coming here. It seems the Mercedes-Benz doesn’t offer its E-Class Wagon in a regular guise. However, we do get it as an All-Terrain (as well as an AMG E63 S).

The C-Class All-Terrain benefits from the extra storage of a wagon much like the aforementioned A4 Allroad and V60 Cross County. The C-Class All-Terrain has a taller ride height and all-wheel-drive traction. Moreover, there are protective features around the body’s lower sections. Plus unique fascias with an improved approach and departure angles. In fact, this ride height is up 40 millimeters over the regular C-Class. 17-19 inches in diameter are what the wheel sizes range from.

Mercedes-Benz Towing Capacity

In fact, the maximum storage is 53.3 cubic feet and the maximum towing capacity is 3,968 pounds. Mercedes-Benz does offer trailer assist and a surround-view camera to make maneuvering with the trailer, in fact, easier. Plus, the assist does automatically regulate the steering angle of the towing vehicle at speeds of up to 3 mph, and also up to a gradient of 15%.

Suspension for the C-Class All-Terrain

There are slightly larger steering knuckles on the four-link front suspension of the C-Class All-Terrain. The multi-link suspension is mounted on a rear axle carrier that is installed at the rear. In fact, the model also comes standard with the C-Class’ comfort suspension with the active damping. Plus there are two off-road specific driving modes. In fact, there is an offroad designed for relatively flat unsealed surfaces. The Offroad+ with DSR (Downhill Speed Regulation) is for steeper surfaces. Moreover, the all-wheel drive is a variable system able to send up to 45% of the torque to the front wheels.

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