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Micro Homes Could be the Answer to the State’s Rising Home Prices

You are currently viewing Micro Homes Could be the Answer to the State’s Rising Home Prices
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Micro homes could be a solution to downsizing as home prices continue to go up across the state. These units will be renting out to residents, costing between $1,200 and $1,500, but as home prices continue to rise, these homes could be the answer for those looking to buy a home for now.

Micro Homes Come with Full Appliances

“Moreover, there is a full kitchen. It does come with all the appliances,” said Aaron Levy, CEO of Casata. “Dining area, living area, there is, in fact, more than enough space.” Levy shows off one of the 66 micro homes that will be rented out this summer in south Austin just off Old Manchaca Road.

Opportunities Abound with Different Living Spaces

“Therefore, we are, in fact, seeing an opportunity to move towards smaller living spaces,” Levy said. Ranging in size from 378 to 758 square feet is what the micro homes are but you can’t let that scare you away, Levy said. “You think that it sounds very small when you look at this on paper and see 400 square feet. Yet once you step into it and experience it, you realize it is quite appealing, nice,” Levy said.

Micro Homes Are Small but Comfortable

Therefore, the homes are setting up with there is enough space for a king-size bed, living room, bathrooms, and all the appliances you really need. It beats apartment living, said Jenny Beckett, but also offers much more. “Nowadays, there seems like there is a trend that you don’t know your community or neighbor, you are closer together,” Beckett said.

Connecting Neighbors to One Another is Important and Builds Community Roots

Beckett’s job at the new development is to set up community activities. Her duties include getting neighbors involved in community projects. From donation drives, sports activities, and even gardening projects, she says she really looks forward to connecting neighbors to each other. “It’s awesome, our residents who live here will really feel a sense of safety, community, and fulfillment,” Beckett said.

Solution to Affordability

“In fact, we can see how this would be a solution to affordability. Moreover, as we scale and grow,” Levy said. The question is how much would one of these micro homes cost. Levy answers it could be a sale somewhere in the mid 100. Moreover, it’s to the lower 200’s depending on location and community and size,” Levy said.

Plans to build similar developments are on their way in other cities in Texas. In fact, there are plans for more of these micro-home communities in Austin.

Starting in July, residents can move in. All 66 homes will be built and ready to go by September.

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