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New Kia Niro EV Shows Crossover Losing Tiger-Nose Grille

You are currently viewing New Kia Niro EV Shows Crossover Losing Tiger-Nose Grille
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Kia is in the process of giving its Niro crossover a detailed redesign. Moreover, it is available in many powertrain flavors. The most thrilling variant is the all-electric one. This is going to be called the E-Niro. The redesigned EV has cladding that hides its design. But, what is underneath the test vehicle that gives away its powertrain.

Kia Niro EV has Similarities to the E-Niro

The test vehicle has an undercarriage that looks quite close to the one seen on the current-generation E-Niro. It seems both do appear to have battery packs stuck underneath. There are rumors which do point to Kia keeping the next-generation Niro on the same platform. Moreover, we do doubt there will be many changes to the powertrain setup. In fact, Kia could make the battery and electric motor more efficient. Thus giving the crossover more range.

Battery Size Increase and More

The current-generation Kia Niro EV has a 201-horsepower (149-kilowatt) electric motor which produces 291 pound-feet (394 Newton-meters) of torque. Then it gets power from a 64-kilowatt-hour battery. It does provide an EPA-estimated range of 239 miles (384 kilometers). In fact, the battery size could increase. Though we do expect any efficiencies in the electric motor. It would be to prioritize range over performance. Now, the Niro will be available with two other powertrains. This would include a standard hybrid or a plug-in variant. Those are unlikely to change much, either.

The cladding and black coverings around the vehicle do their job hiding the crossover’s design, but the lack of camouflage makes it a bit easier to get an impression of what the design looks like underneath it. It reveals the crossover will go and forgo Kia’s tiger-nose grille for a completely new design. Now, the EVs don’t need the same amount of airflow as a combustion engine. The crossover’s overall styling is going to borrow from cues from Kia’s 2019 Habaniro concept. Moreover, the new Niro is expecting to go on sale in its home market later on this year. Also, the U.S.-spec version is likely to arrive sometime next year as the 2022 model. 

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