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New Medical Cannabis Production Facility in a Southern State Broke Ground

You are currently viewing New Medical Cannabis Production Facility in a Southern State Broke Ground
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The medical cannabis production facility and the processing facility recently broke ground. In fact, when it’s completed the facility will address the developing patient demand for greater access to medical cannabis in Texas. It is as a result of HB 1535’s enactment on September 1, 2021.

Medical Cannabis Production Facility is Quite Large

To be completing in the second quarter of 2022, the facility is 96,000 square feet. The business, Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation, will, in fact, contain dedicated cultivation space for developing medical cannabis plants that will in time serve patients via the company’s full-service, on-site dispensary. In addition, to TOCC’s network of patient pick-up locations across Texas.

New Medical Cannbais Products

“Moreover, our commitment to top Texas’ medical cannabis market and to the patients we serve is getting bigger,” said Morris Denton, CEO of TOCC. “Moreover, this new facility will increase our production capabilities. This enables us to not only reach more Texans. Then also create, develop and distribute new medical cannabis products that meet the varied needs of patients that qualify.”

Double Percentage of THC

In fact, the new Texas law will expand the state’s cannabis program and double the percent of THC allowed in products to 1%. Moreover, the law is a much narrow version than the version written by state representative Stephanie Klick, a Republican from Fort Worth. Klick initially passed the Texas House. In fact, that version of the bill has sought to raise the THC cap to 5%. It is still far lower than what’s authorizing for medicinal use in other U.S. states. Thus it allows those suffering from chronic pain too, in fact, take part in the program.

Hybrid Greenhouse

In fact, the facility will include a hybrid greenhouse for plant cultivation. Also manufacturing labs for extraction, processing and refining, testing labs, as well as administrative offices. The hybrid greenhouse will enable TOCC to take advantage of the Texas sunlight. This is while following state restrictions limiting licensed medical cannabis production to take place only indoors.

Currently available for statewide delivery and patients are TOCC products in various Texas cities where they can fill the prescriptions at these pickup locations.

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