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Open and Enclosed Transport: What’s the Difference?

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Enclosed transport is the most secure option.
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Once you’ve decided to ship your car with Car Transport Austin, the next step is to pick a type of transport. There are two major types of car transport: open and enclosed. If you’re new to car transport, it can be tough to choose between these two similar but distinct services. So, we decided to write an article about it! Read on to learn how to decide which type of transport is the right one for your vehicle.

Open transport is great for saving money and time.

Open car transport is the industry standard for car transport, and with good reason. With open transport, your car goes onto the back of a specialized car carrier and travels with other cars across whatever distance you need. Because of how many cars can fit on an open carrier, open transport is the most affordable type of car transport. Open carriers are common, too, contributing further to the lower price. And because they’re so common, this kind of transport is easy to schedule! That saves you time as well as money. For a great standard service, choose open transport.

Enclosed transport is worth it for the extra security.

The main difference between open and enclosed transport is the level of security you get. This is not to say that open transport isn’t safe. However, there are circumstances that open transport can’t prevent. From inclement weather to rocks on the highway, the only downside of open transport is that it leaves your car exposed to the elements.

Enclosed car transport solves this problem. When you ship your car in one of our enclosed trailers, your car will be protected completely from the outside world. In its temperature-controlled metal shell, your car will be safe and sound. Any potential damage from the road will be absorbed by our trailer, leaving your car in perfect condition. Enclosed transport is more expensive because these trailers can’t transport as many cars at once as open carriers, and they’re less available, making scheduling more difficult. However, if you want peace of mind, enclosed transport is worth the money.

So how do I decide between open and enclosed transport?

Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference. Open transport is very safe, and if you’re on a budget, it’s the obvious choice. Some of our customers decide that the peace of mind they’d get from enclosed transport is worth paying a little more and waiting a little longer. It’s up to you; either way, we guarantee that you’ll walk away satisfied with our work!

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