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Open Car Transport

Open Car Transport

Open Car Transport is the most popular way of shipping a vehicle. Another method is Enclosed Auto Shipping, and even though it ensures full protection, fewer people choose it as shipping open is more affordable. There are some situations when it is much wiser to pay more and protect your vehicle even from dust, dirt and rain. For instance, when you need to move an expensive sport car or a rare classic car, it is better to go with enclosed car carriers. But in most other cases Open Auto Shipping is the best choice. It saves you money; it is always available and totally safe.

Open Car Transport with Austin Car Transport

Austin Car Transport provides both methods of auto shipping. If you are looking to save money and move your vehicle safely, Open Auto Transport is the best option for you.

Open carriers don’t have walls in the trailers. They are double-deckers where up to 10-12 cars can be placed. Cars are loaded onto trailers and get secured following the legal rules. Because there are no walls to protect vehicles, they are open to the actual driving conditions. They can get in the rain or get dusty, just like it would if you decided to drive. But Open Car Shipping still saves you mileage and helps you avoid tear and wear, as well as saves you time you otherwise would spend driving.

Our Austin Auto Shipping is always done door to door. Just name your locations, and we will ship between them. At Austin Car Transport we do everything for your convenience and safety of your vehicle.

You can get a free estimate from us by calling our office at (512) 298-1988 during the business hours. You can also request the quote from our website by filling out the contact form. We will be happy to ship for you!