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Oversized Vehicle Shipping: How We Do It

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Extremely large vehicles may require even more than a flatbed.
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For many car transport companies, oversized vehicles present an insurmountable challenge. Between their narrow equipment and drivers specialized in just shipping cars, they don’t have the tools to get the job done. However, at Car Transport Austin, our drivers and dispatchers know exactly what goes into oversized vehicle shipping. We have the experience and the equipment to make it happen. But how do we manage to ship oversized vehicles? We do it with the right equipment, paperwork, and experienced drivers.


In the vehicle shipping world, an oversized vehicle is one that doesn’t fit on a traditional open car carrier. Usually, these vehicles don’t fit because they are too wide or tall for open carriers. Their sheer dimensions would scrape up against the hydraulics that allow open carriers to have their usual double-decker design.

Therefore, these shipments require flatbed trailers. On a flatbed trailer, the oversized vehicle will be all by itself, open to the air. It will have all the space it needs in every direction to be comfortably shipped anywhere.


Often times, oversized vehicles also constitute oversize loads. These loads exceed the legal dimensions of what a truck is allowed to carry. In order to legally haul these loads, your car shipper needs to get the correct paperwork together.

At Car Transport Austin, we have a leg up on the competition in this regard. That’s because we have an affiliate, Overweight Permits, that can help us get any permits we need for your shipment with ease. Therefore, when you choose Car Transport Austin for your oversized vehicle shipment, you’ll know we’re complying with all regulations.


The most important factor in an oversized vehicle shipment is your driver. You need a driver that has experience shipping large vehicles, one who knows the specific challenges that they’ll face out on the road. Car Transport Austin works with exceptional drivers every day, and we have drivers with extensive experience in heavy hauling. Because of this, we can guarantee that your driver will be experienced and knowledgeable. You won’t have to worry about your truck, van, or other oversized vehicle when it’s on their trailer; they’ll take perfect care of it.

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