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Police and Jewish Organizations Keep an Eye on Anti-Semitism Incidents

You are currently viewing Police and Jewish Organizations Keep an Eye on Anti-Semitism Incidents
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The police and Jewish organizations are monitoring two anti-Semitic incidents that did happen over the weekend in a Southern state and city. It was at a local high school that was vandalizing with racist words and symbols. It was on the same day which an anti-Semitic group hung a banner over a Mopac bridge.

Police and Jewish Organizations

After the offensive, racist words and symbols were found painting across several student parking spots early this past Friday morning by Austin, Texas ISD Police. Moreover, this is really hitting home for Horwitz as she is a member of the Jewish community.

“Therefore, it is just surprising really that this is still happening in 2021. Really, the fact that hate is still so prevalent in the world,” Horwitz said.

Thus, there was graffiti quickly removing and the school administrators do continue to look for the person who did it.

In fact, it seems like some of the writing which could have been targeting towards a certain person.”

On Friday morning, Horwitz said a police officer did tell her that this is the fourth year that an incident did happen. Moreover, she does want to see Austin ISD go ahead and beef up the security at the school. Then install video cameras around the parking lot. There are higher levels of anxiety on students’ parents feel.

Implementing Programs That are Beneficial not Destructive and Divisive

“Therefore, my hope is that AISD is going implement programs at the youngest level up. Therefore, to help combat hate, promote tolerance and inclusivity,” Aiden’s mom, Treva Horwitz said. “

Also, Shalom Austin, along with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), is therefore responding to a second incident. Moreover, it happened Saturday, where there was a banner, which was hanging on the Far West overpass of MoPac. It also read, “Vax the Jews.”

“They are really the provocateurs. In fact, they are looking for attention, also they’re looking for social media spikes,” ADL Austin Regional Director Renee Lafair said.

In fact, there is really an outside group that is looking to stoke fear in the Jewish community, Lefair said. Also, there were warnings coming.

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