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Police Search For Suspects In Rock Throwing Incidents On I-35

You are currently viewing Police Search For Suspects In Rock Throwing Incidents On I-35
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The Austin Police Department has made a promise to find the person responsible for throwing rocks along I-35. At the press conference on Wednesday, June 8, the police chief said that they are not going to rest until the “coward” is caught and brought to justice.

There have been almost a hundred of rock-throwing incidents in 2-year period. According to chief Art Acivedo, the cases have been moved to the organized crime division in order for all the information on incident to be put in one place and get a fresh look at during the investigation.

One person has already been arrested in connection in a connection to one of the incidents. The police keep searching for other people responsible for rock throwing. It is advised that if a vehicle is truck by a rock, the driver should stop safely and call 911, so the police can track down potential suspects.

The reward of $25,000 is offered to anyone who can provide information leading to the arrest of people responsible for the incidents. To provide a tip, you can download a free app called Austin PD available for Android and iPhone.

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