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Representative Files Bill for Lone Star State Independence

You are currently viewing Representative Files Bill for Lone Star State Independence
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Texas Representative Kyle Biedermann (Republican-Fredericksburg) went and filed the House Bill 1359. It is know as the Texas Independence Referendum Act, on Tuesday. It would allow Texas to vote on whether the Texas Legislature should develop a joint interim committee. In fact, this would be to develop a plan to try to get Texas Independence.

Representative Biedermann Wants to Give Power to the People

The bill is not a resolution to allow for immediate independence. This is according to Biedermann. Instead, in fact, it would give power to the people via referendum. Therefore, they can have the ability and the right to discuss, debate and vote. Thereby, creating a path toward independence.

Let Texans Vote and Voices be Heard!

The Texas Independence Referendum House Bill 1359 lets Texans vote, said the Texas representative. In fact, this decision is too big to be taken completely over by the power brokers in our Capitol. The state needs to let Texans’ voices be heard! Washington, D.C., is and has been broken. That is so true! Thankfully, the voters of all political persuasions in Texas do agree on that one thing. However, the federal government has been a failure to the American public in particular to its working families, seniors, taxpayers, veterans, and small business owners. I couldn’t agree more! Therefore, we are citizens of this country and we don’t matter to the establishment of Washington!

The promises of America and our individual liberties have been eroding. This has been going on for decades. Democracy is in jeopardy! Here, here! Moreover, let freedom ring strong! The people of Texas need the right to decide their own future. Now is the time. In fact, this is not a left or right political issue. Yes, let Texans vote!

However, thousands of people are moving to the Lone Star state every year to get away from a “climate of over-regulation and taxation.” People can’t wait to escape from the oppressive blue states and migrate to Texas!

The Republic of Texas as an Independent Nation

As a bastion of freedom and a leader of freedom and a leader of free enterprise, Texas has a strong economy, financial wealth, and a capacity for huge energy production. All are worthy of the world stage, he said. In fact, all of the above shows that the Republic of Texas would not just survive. Yet thrive as an independent nation. In fact, now is the time for Texas to lead forward.

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