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Samsara Sees Us All Moving Way Too Fast: Why Stats Don’t Slow

You are currently viewing Samsara Sees Us All Moving Way Too Fast: Why Stats Don’t Slow
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Telematics provider Samsara has made not that the rush is on this season. Commercial fleet data shows that Samsara has been under major pressure to deliver goods this holiday season. On Thanksgiving, speeding went up by 9%. By the time the results for Christmas Day come in, speeding has a likelihood to increase up to 30% more.

Samsara had this to say through their director of data science, Ali Akhtar. “Speeding tends to spike on holidays… Our data shows that the days most prone to speeding are the holidays themselves, likely due to emptier roads.” After all, roads tend to be less congested with commuters and travelers while COVID-19 remains as a threat. So comes the need for more delivery trucks.

Hell, even E-Commerce is getting a boost from this. According to market research, it’s up 25 to even 35% every year.

Samsara showed that it’s sampling of 3,676 fleets have driven 10% more miles this year, as vehicle utilization is also rising, by 5%.

Of course, what would stats for trucking during 2020 matter without COVID-19? With the shutdowns from the spring behind us, speeding since rose on the highways by 20%.

The NHTSA agrees that speeding contributes to accidents greatly. Data like their’s is useful for encouragig sader driving during the holiday season.

Some companies are trying to meet this at a head. ABF Freight for example knows that understanding the prerequisites people put on logistics is something people can flex around. Seth Runser, a VP for ABF’s Linehaul Operations added to thisapproach with some gratitude. “We have been able to do this thanks to investments in technology that provide a more actionable view of our customers’ specific requirements.”

So, what could be the moral of the story?… You don’t want to be a statistic? Drive a truck safely and accidents won’t happen to you on purpose.

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