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Samsung has Chosen its Next 5nm EUV Factory Location

You are currently viewing Samsung has Chosen its Next 5nm EUV Factory Location
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Samsung has, in fact, decided where it will build its new EUV semiconductor manufacturing facility on U.S soil. Moreover, the company has reportedly was giving a choice between various U.S. states with each offering many incentives for the tech giants who’ll end up contributing to building the local chip-making infrastructure. In fact, Samsung has now decided that its next EUV-based manufacturing facility will be built.

Samsung: Chip Manufacturing Facility

In fact, Samsung has said already it has a chip manufacturing facility in Austin, Texas. Moreover, it was the same factory that was temporarily shutting down earlier this year. It was due to severe weather conditions. But on the most part, however, the present factory is manufacturing semiconductor technologies that are based on 14nm processes.

Cutting-Edge Chipsets

By contrast, Samsung’s future chip-making factory in Texas is going to be equipping with 5nm EUV-based manufacturing lines. Therefore, it will be responsible for creating Samsung’s future cutting-edge chipsets. In fact, the Exynos 1080 and the Exynos 2100 chipsets were manufactured using a 5nm process.

New 5nm EUV Facility to be Operational in 2024

In fact, Samsung hasn’t officially shown its plans to build its 5nm EUV facility in Austin, Texas, but industry watchers are now expecting for the company to give its decision around May 21 when presidents Moon Jae-in and Joseph Biden will, in fact, attend a meeting at the White House.

Samsung reportedly wants the new 5nm EUV facility to be operational in 2024, and thus industry watchers are expecting the Korean tech giant to invest around 20 trillion won ($18 billion) in the facility’s construction. That’s almost is twice as much as it was starting at the beginning of 2021.

The company will have to equip its new facility with EUV manufacturing equipment. It will be thought to be supplying by ASML. It will be a given that it’s the only EUV equipment supplier in the world. Thus it will hopefully not cause TSMC supply issues for Samsung as it was did in 2020

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