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San Antonio Police Officer Fatal Shooting Suspect Still At Large

You are currently viewing San Antonio Police Officer Fatal Shooting Suspect Still At Large
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Detective Benjamin Marconi who served in the force for 20 years was murdered Sunday morning. During a traffic stop, while writing a traffic ticket in his squad car, a vehicle pulled up behind his. The driver of the vehicle proceeded to exit the vehicle and walk up to the driver side window of the squad car and fire his weapon. Detective Marconi was shot twice in the head. He was 50 years old.

The initial vehicle involved in the traffic stop is not believed to have any relation to the murder. The dash cam of the squad car has provided a lot of information regarding the incident.

The San Antonio Police Department is advising officers to patrol with partners as the search for the suspect continues. Officers have been informed not to make any traffic stops while alone. The suspect is considered dangerous and is an obvious threat to both officers and the public.

The police department released a surveillance video Monday morning that showed the suspect as a black man dressed in all black with a black cap in front of the police headquarters building and then proceeding to walk into the building. Police are asking the public to help identify this man and are looking for a black Mitsubishi Galant with custom rims.

The Governor of Texas is calling the fatal shooting a “horrific act of violence.” His office is offering $15,000 cash for any information that assists with the identification and arrest of the suspect (s). The San Antonio Crime Stoppers are offering an extra $10,000, which brings the total reward to $25,000.

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