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Scammers Target College Students in Austin With Fake Job Scams

You are currently viewing Scammers Target College Students in Austin With Fake Job Scams
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College students in Austin are now being targeted by scammers.

Scammers are taking advantage of the desperateness of a college students need to find a job that fits their course schedule.

The chief of marketing for the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has mentioned that the scam has a direct focus on college students.

These job postings sound ideal to a student and are very convenient for them. This is done intentionally.

We need to keep our eyes out for these fake job scams. Scammers are getting smarter by targeting college students, with the knowledge that they are desperate.

Many of these fake job scams are sent through email servers that are run by students, while others may be posted on legitimate college employment websites.

Once the job is accepted by the student, the scammers will send out a counterfeit check for the student to deposit into their bank. Most times, the fake company will ask for a portion of the check for “work materials”, once these two steps are taken, the greatest damage has been done already.

The fake company may be considered liable through your bank and the law enforcement might even be involved due to the counterfeit check.

Responding to these fake jobs, causes you to not only lose money but there is a risk concerning having your identity stolen. There is also a risk that involves your credit score.

In the year 2016, over 200 fake job scams were reported to the Better Business Bureau, only in Texas. People in Texas lost about $40,000 because of these scams, where as nationally people lost about $10.8 million.

What you need to look out for…

• Never were money for materials
• Look for improper or poor use of English in job ads
• Always look to meet company in person

Taking these steps may ensure your protection towards these scams more.


If you come across a fake job scam, please report it soon.

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