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Students Get Day Off Under Make-Up Day Condition in Austin

You are currently viewing Students Get Day Off Under Make-Up Day Condition in Austin
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Austin area students collectively rejoiced when districts announced Monday that there would be no school today because of bad weather. But many will have to make it up this spring.

Most Central Texas districts build into their calendars two bitter weather days and officials will decide in coming days which they will choose as their first makeup day.

For some districts, this is the 2nd bad weather day of the school year, and districts would need to use both. If no inclement weather days occur in a school year, the students get those built in days off.

But it is possible that other districts, or schools within those districts, will not need to makeup the days at all. Some have added additional minutes to their instructional days that they have the option to take advantage of that time and avoid a makeup day at all.

Austin school district students may be among those who do not need to use any bad weather makeup days. According to the district, “many Austin schools have enough minutes built into their schedule that a makeup day will not have to be utilized,” said Reyne Tells, district spokesman.

“However, the district will review calendars to decide which schools, if any, need to modify campus schedules,” he said. “We will provide additional information once school is back in session.”

Some districts, like Georgetown, have added enough additional instructional minutes in its calendar to cover one bad weather makeup day, but not two.

But in case they do need them, here are the bad weather makeup days for area districts:

Austin: Feb. 19, March 30
Del Valle: Feb. 19, March 30
Bastrop: Feb. 19, June 1
Pflugerville: Feb. 19, June 7
Hays: Feb. 19, June 8
Lockhart: Feb. 20, May 29
Lake Travis: March 30
Manor: April 2
Georgetown: April 16
Leander: April 23, May 25
San Marcos: April 27
Dripping Springs: May 25, June 8
Round Rock: May 29, May 30

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