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Tesla Releases Information About New Pick-up Truck

You are currently viewing Tesla Releases Information About New Pick-up Truck
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A lot has been said about the Tesla pick-up truck since it was hinted about back in 2016. The released to the public of this new electric vehicle is planned for the fall of 2020.

So, we might still have to wait a bit longer to see the truck on the roads.

However, Elon Musk has made public a couple of details about the pick-up. The Tesla CEO commented during Tesla’s third-quarter earnings call on some of the features the new line will have.

The video of Musk went viral this Wednesday among the crowds that can’t wait to see the truck in the market. Everything surrounding the vehicle had been kept pretty under the radar.

Musk, who loves to create hype before the actual releases of his creations, called the pick-up the “Tesla Cybertruck”. And he went on to say that the vehicle looks very futuristic, almost like out of the “Blade Runner” universe.

In the statement, Musk admitted that the Cybertruck might be “Tesla’s best product ever”.

He also commented on an earlier statement this year about how their vehicle will be better than the Ford F150. Ford is one of its main competitors when it comes to electric pick-up trucks.

The rival company responded to Musk’s claim by releasing a video of one of their F150 trucks towing a 1.25 million lbs. load. This comes as a surprise since Tesla announced that their Cybertruck’s towing capacity was 300,000 lbs., which is considerably less.

The Tesla pick-up truck might be too radical with its cyberpunk look and futuristic features, as Musk revealed. The market might not be ready for it just yet.

Nonetheless, the Tesla truck will have a price of less than $50,000. And, if we take into consideration that half of the planned gasoline car sells in 2020 are planned to be pick-ups, Tesla might be in for a good year.

What do you think of a Tesla pick-up truck? Are you part of the hype or do you rather stick to your classic gasoline truck? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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